[note]: Our group is looking for highly motivated students for Master or Ph.D degree with a strong interest in research. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by E-mail to leizhang@cqu.edu.cn

Team Members


Dr. Lei Zhang, Ph.D Superviser, Distinguished Research Fellow/Professor, College of Communication Engineering, Chongqing University, China

Dr. Shujun Liu, Master Superviser, College of Communication Engineering, Chongqing University.



Ph.D students

Chao Yin, 2017~2021 (Expected), Deep learning and Fine-grained vision

Qingyan Duan, 2016~2020 (Expected), Deep learning and face recognition

Shanshan Wang, 2016~2020 (Expected), Transfer learning and computer vision

Master students

Fangyi Liu, 2017~2020, Deep learning and object detection

Jingru Fu, 2017~2020, Machine learning and image classification

Zhenwei He, 2016~2019, Deep learning and visual detection

Ji Liu, 2016~2019, Machine learning and intelligent systems

Yan Liu, 2014~2017,Machine learning and artificial olfaction

Pingling Deng, 2015~2018, Pattern recognition and artificial olfaction

Moucharraph Salahou, 2016~2018, Machine learning

Research Assistant (RA)

Jiajin Li, Transfer learning and computer vision, Ph.D candidate in CUHK

Undergraduate students

Xuehan Wang, Master candidate of South China University of Technology, China

Mu Yang, Master candidate of University of Southern California, USA

Chen Li, Master candidate of Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Zhuoran Wang, Master candidate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Dongqi Li, Master candidate of Chongqing University

Yanbing Chen, Master candidate of Chongqing University

Xingrui Cui


Xin Xie, MsC, 2016

Xin Yin, MsC, 2015, he is now working in China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No 29 Research Institute (CETC 29)

Xiongwei Peng, MsEng, 2015, he is now working in China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No 14 Research Institute (CETC 14)

Lijun Dang, MsC, 2014, she is now working in Sichuan ChangHong

Research Collaborators

<1>Prof.David Zhang, Chair Professor, Ph.D, IEEE Fellow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Research Direction: Biometrics & Pattern Recognition & Image Processing & Palmprint Recognition

<2>Prof.Simon X. Yang, Ph.D, IEEE Senior Member, University of Guelph, Canada

Research Direction: Intelligent Systems & Robotics & Control Systems & Machine Vision

<3>Prof.Guangbin Huang, Ph.D, IEEE Senior Member, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Research Direction: Machine Learning & Biological Intelligence & Extreme Learning Machine

<4>Prof. Wangmeng Zuo, Ph.D, IEEE Senior Member, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

Research Direction: Image Processing & Pattern Recognition & Computer Vision

<5>AssProf. Sunil Kr. Jha, Ph.D, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea

Research Direction: Sensor Array Signal Processing & Chemoinformatics & Data Mining

<6>AssocProf. Shiyuan Wang, Ph.D, IEEE Member, Southwest University, China

Research Direction: Signal Processing & Adaptive Filter Design & Kalman Filters & Bioinformatics